Creativity-------->No Limits


In this class, I encourage them to express their own individual selves as a style of Art.  Expand into a creative process that is expressive and personal. My young artists come to class every week with lists of ideas, and thoughts based on what they "love".

 They will learn practical methods of how to express their creative ideas quickly and effectively, in an enjoyable environment.

I provide my students with an assortment of quality graphite pencils/ pens /Copic markers/acrylic paints/tracing papers/Light box/stencils/screen tones/sticker and magnet machine and more. We start by developing sketches and drafts that eventually become well-crafted illustrations. These are important stepping stones in the path to creating a portfolio. They will also be provided with an individual folder to keep their own progressing work organized. 
We'll be doing lot of drawings and paintings!



Finding a Voice Through Art


Naoko & Sakura